With only one BODY ARMOR location in the Basement, you only need concern yourself with getting to it before your opponent does. From the first second of the game, you can decide your fate. It's very important to decide if you'll be able to get it before your opponent. This tip doesn't apply when playing THROWING KNIVES.

If you are unfortuate enough to start the game in this regeneration location, then you can forget about the special weapon or grabbing the BODY ARMOR. Simply grab the weapon found here and don't bother with picking up ammo.

Quickly get yourself to the intersection as shown above. Your goal at this point is to disable or damage the BODY ARMOR before your opponent has the chance to pick it up. Since timing is important, use the scope.

Depending on how you hit the BODY ARMOR you may only have a chance to hit it once before it moves out of range. The point here is to weaken it.

One bullet from an AR-33 ASSAULT RIFLE will damage the BODY ARMOR to this extent. Not bad.

In this example, you will have to decide at the start of the game if your opponent is going for the BODY ARMOR first. If you decide to weaken it like shown above, you should immediately make a break for the special weapon area located in the room at the bottom of the level. The bottom line is, positioning is everything depending on the weapon being used in the BASEMENT. If you have to decide between BODY ARMOR or special weapon, take the BODY ARMOR. You should always allow a route so that you can grab the special weapon after picking up BODY ARMOR.