If you've ever tried shooting at an opponent through the ramps as seen in the CAVERNS, you might have thought it impossible. Or is it? This discovery was made after an intense tournament game that I was playing a while back. In the third or fourth overtime game, I killed Jay from below with the Golden Gun. We both couldn't believe it. At the time we assumed that it was just the glitch where a part of the foot shows through the bottom of the ramp. However later on I discovered something.

You will need to visualize the CAVERNS and the layout to understand where I'm at. In order for your weapon to shoot through the ramps, you must be on the lower walkway, aiming towards the back special weapons room. You need a bit of an angle or the shots won't penetrate. In the above picture I'm aiming at an angle towards the back special weapons room. I'm standing near the lower special weapon location.

You can see here that indeed this happens. The little bonus is that any weapon in the game can penetrate the ramps, when done properly. So you can even do this with the KLOBB!

If you're interested in watching the tournament footage where I used the Golden Gun, then click HERE.