Tournament Popularity Rating: n/a

Regeneration Points: 8

Body Armor Locations: 2

Best Characters:

  • Siberian Special Forces
  • Janus Marine

Popular Weapon Picks:

  • All Snipers (GameShark)



Special Notes:

  • this level is only available if you are using a GameShark or Action Replay.
  • framerate is poor.
  • this level is playable with up to 4 players, although the framerate will drop with more than 2 players.
  • the viewable distance shortens with the more players used in this level.
  • for the best game possible, it is recommended that you use All Snipers, LTK mode, and No Radar. This setup makes the framerate virtually a non issue.
  • the flooring is glitchy in that a mine or similar weapon thrown from above, will fall through the entire cradle structure.