Tournament Popularity Rating: n/a

Regeneration Points: 8

Body Armor Locations: 2

Best Characters:

  • Naval Officer
  • Trevelyan

Popular Weapon Picks:

  • All Snipers (GameShark)



Special Notes:

  • this level is only available if you are using a GameShark or Action Replay.
  • framerate is poor.
  • this level is playable with up to 4 players, although the framerate will drop with more than 2 players.
  • areas of this level with become black outs with more than 2 players. This means you will won't be able to move and your screen will see nothing but black. This is because you are up against an object that the game wasn't able to render. Try waiting it out or patiently move around until you can get free.
  • for the best game possible, it is recommended that you use All Snipers, LTK mode, and No Radar. This setup makes the framerate virtually a non issue.