June 11, 2004

I've received a number of emails asking about the single screen GoldenEye method. I'm not certain if players realize it's a matter of blocking off the other player screens or not. Unfortunately we don't have the option of playing like Halo when you can have an entire screen to yourself like PC shooters.

Anyway's, we use this method exclusively now and have for years. Having a Gameshark is basically an essential item if you want to experience this setup at it's best. Also if you don't have any extra TV's you can do as we did in the start. If you have a TV tuner type card on your pc you can run the Nintendo 64 signal into the PC and use the monitor as a screen.

Essential Gameshark Codes: Standard Settings, All Snipers, LTK Default, Cradle in Multiplayer, No Body Armor

When you have Standard Setting enabled, you simply have to go into the cheat menu which will automatically turn the RADAR OFF. It's quick and easy. Also remember that for a LTK game you just need to go into the Health and go to -10 which will show "LICENCE TO KILL". Very juicy! Just make sure that everyone is honest... Also, if you want to play Cradle, then just activate the least number of codes. It will load most times if you do this. We just use Standard Settings, LTK default, Cradle, and All Snipers. Works out nicely but remember the framerate sucks for the most part. Nice part is that you will be at long range while scoping making the framerate less of an issue.


In the picture below are 3 essentials. On the left, a cable splitter, Nintendo 64 controller extension, and Velcro strips. Not shown but also needed is heavy duty black construction paper, a VCR and coaxial cables. The quantity and length of cable you need is totally dependent on the number of televisions you will be using.


Okay, follow this very closely. Again, 2 TV's means a much simpler setup so I will explain how to setup for 3 or 4 televisions.

First take the yellow VIDEO LINE IN plug from the Nintendo 64 and put into your VCR VIDEO LINE IN. Turn on your VCR and select "line in" input from the menus in your VCR. You will need to have an rca cable from your VCR VIDEO LINE OUT running into the back of your TV VIDEO LINE IN. Make sure your TV is set to VIDEO in the menu. You know see the game on your TV. If you can't do this, then I'm sure you haven't used a Nintendo 64 before...

Anyway's, from your VCR TV OUT you will need coaxial cable that runs into the splitter as shown in the first picture on the left. You will need coaxial cable for each television in your setup running out from the various connectors on the splitter.

Sound wise, you need to run your red and white Nintendo 64 AUDIO cables into the back of your television AUDIO IN. Then run rca cables from your TV AUDIO OUT into the back of the VCR AUDIO IN. Your Player 1 television will now set the volume for the other TV's in the setup.


Velcro strips can be found virtually anywhere, at least in North America. It's available in both black and white colors. Now, if you live at home your parent will spank your ass if you go putting Velcro on televisions. Just pick up some crappy 14" televisions like I did. Your other option is to use a product that can be used for hanging posters without sticking onto wall permanently and without holes. It's like a puddy, and sorry I don't have the names but it's easy to find also.

You can see below 2 televisions of mine that are ready for single screen multiplayer. The second picture is my main television in my living room. Notice that the Velcro isn't that visible. My wife's okay with it! When using Velcro just remember that when placing on the television it doesn't need to be a full square. In fact I cut 4 pieces out of one square piece of Velcro. It will hold up just fine. Place the Velcro according to what player will be using what TV.

First you must know if you are playing with 2 televisions or more. If only using 2, then you will need 4 pieces of Velcro per TV. You will need to place 5 pieces of Velcro per television if using a 3 or 4 TV setup. When placing the Velco on the television you should load up a game of 2 or 4 player GoldenEye so that you can place the Velcro correctly.


The critical part of blocking the screen is when cutting the black construction paper. Obviously the piece shown in the picture below is well worn but you get the idea. On the construction paper I suggest using an entire square of Velcro because looks don't matter in this situation. Important to remember though is your Player 1 television need to be accurate and well positioned. This is because after each game you will be removing the construction paper in order to set up of the next game. The construction paper on other televisions need not be removed ever. You will want the Velcro on the Player 1 station to be placed perfectly. After setting up a game, you will need to place the construction paper back onto the TV so it will line up correctly and you won't be exposing the other players screens or cutting off too much of the Player 1 screen.

Since you've loaded up a game of 4 player GoldenEye, you can go about cutting out the construction paper. Just use common sense in this part. You want it to fit perfectly so that you aren't exposing any of the other players screens but at the same time you shouldn't be cutting away too much of desired players screen. Just cut once, then trim a few more times before finishing. If you cut away too much at the start, you'll have to start over. You don't want to see any movement from the other screens. If you are only going to be using a 2 television setup then you won't have as many problems with the cutting and positioning of the construction paper.

Okay you've cut the Velco and construction paper and you should be ready to go!


Now the Nintendo 64 controller extensions are vital in a situation where you can't place televisions back to back. You must leave the console at the Player 1 TV. From personal experience you need to keep the console away from feet! If it is bumped the game will freeze. Worse than that you can kick the Gameshark and break the GoldenEye cartridge like I did. I have more than 5 cable extensions and they make for a more enjoyable gaming experience.


When playing have a rotation so that players move from station to station. Better yet, have a situation where the winner takes Player 1 position and so on. Gather around Player 1 television after each game allowing each player a turn a picking a level and weapon.

In this setup using one-hit kills weapons makes a lot of sense. The strategy of looking at health bars is gone in this environment so I'd use a lot of LTK mode. Our favorites are GOLDEN GUN FUN, ALL ROCKETS, ALL GLs, ALL SNIPER RIFLES, AR33 + PROXIES, ALL DOSTOVEIS, ALL GOLDEN GUNS and ALL PHANTOMS,


If you need any assistance or further info, contact me HERE.