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Mupen64K became the first GoldenEye emulator to play GoldenEye online flawlessly. Now you can play online GoldenEye N64 multiplayer using an emulator. Sure, in the past GoldenEye emulators have come close, but nothing have been able to perform flawlessly online playing GoldenEye. That's all changed thanks to Mupen. Please visit GoldenEyeOnline which I created so that you too can play online using the GoldenEye emulator Mupen64K.

You might ask yourself if you have a fast enough computer, enough ram or a good enough video card.

We could talk technical but in my opinion, just try and see for yourself if you computer can pull it off.You just can't expect to run the emulator and have good results. There are some things you will need to consider. Do you want to play GoldenEye with the original Nintendo 64 controller? I wouldn't do it any

other way, which is why I own 4 USB adapters. Yes, we can play 4 player GoldenEye powered by the PC! If you want to purchase a USB adapter, you can check HERE because well, I have an affiliation with these guys! If you don't buy an adapter, then you can configure the keyboard and mouse to play. To me though, this is a sin. Shame on you for trying it.

In the world of GoldenEye emulation, you need to concern yourself with two vehicles. They are Project 64 and 1964. These two emulators will get the job done and are considered the best out there. Just think of this as being the vehicle, but you need a good engine (video plugins) and other parts to make the vehicle run at the best perfomance. Mupen64K is now the best GoldenEye emulator because it brings us flawless online gameplay.

Okay so you will try both Project 64 and 1964 emulators. Those are the cars, but you need a good engine. By this I mean you need a good video plugin. Jabo is the god of video plugins, and Rice has been consistent on improving his releases. Both these guys are gods. The video plugin will make GoldenEye look good and run silky smooth, or will make it look and run slowly and look innaccurate. The world of video plugins can be confusing. Think of it this way. There are many different video plugins made and they can all be used by either Project 64 of 1964. You just need to know what folder to drop the plugin into. The video plugin is usually just a single file with a .dll extension. You can experiment with these plugins because depending on your system, the most current plugin release may not be the best. Yes, an older version of a plugin may work better for you. This is why it can become confusing.

stage 1: download the emulator

Visit GoldenEye online for Mupen64K GoldenEye emulator download and tutorial

Project 64: Version 1.6


1964: Version 0.99


Project 64K: Version 0.12

Q: What is Project 64K?
A: An older version of PJ64 that has online gameplay.


stage 2: video plugins

This is the area that will cause the most confusion. Why? Although there are many great video plugin authors in the world of Nintendo 64 emulation, Jabo and Rice are the most popular. Video plugins can be used in any of the emulators. For GoldenEye, I recommend Rice's Video 5.5.1 which you can download here.

Now that you have downloaded the plugin, you have to put it in the proper directory so that the emulator can find it. How and where? You need the path to your folder with the Emulator when you unzip Rice's Video plugin. The files from the zip file need to be placed in the "plugin" folder. See example:

This is a screenshot of my 1964 emulator folder. I need to unzip the video plugin into the folder as show above which is highlighted red. Once you have placed the video plugin files into this folder, start the emulator.

You then need to select the plugin. To do this, follow the screenshot below.

Once you have selected "change plug-ins" you can select Rice's 5.5.1 plugin. See example:

Don't be confused by all the other video plugins that you see in this screenshot! What you will find is that you can select Rice's Video Plugin 5.5.1provided you unzipped properly.

Okay, next is a VERY important step for using this plugin. Configuring a video plugin is a very complicated and experimental experience. The fact is, there are thousands of possible tweaks you can do. How can you choose the best one? I really don't know.....but keep everything as it is configured when you first open it. However, you need to make one major change. Don't even think of overlooking this important setting with Rice's plugin.

1. First, you must uncheck the "hide advanced options" box. See example:

2. You need to then start a game of GoldenEye. Just double click it from the main emulator screen window.

3. Once the game starts, you must make this important setting. See example:

Once you have clicked "video settings" you must go to the following menu. See example:

If you don't actually start the game first, you will not be able to make this change and the game will flicker. It will be unplayable otherwise in multiplayer. Make the setting change to what I have done in the screenshot above.

Okay, you should be good to go! You likely have question or something I have mentioned didn't work properly. Visit here and I will help you as best I can. Again, emulation is complicated and although I've been doing it for years, I still know virtually nothing!

I must mention that I haven't covered the aspects of inputs. How do you move? I will get that info up asap but if you look in the settings of the emulators, you can configure the input. For now, you can designate keys for the Nintendo 64 controller. Again, let me finish of this guide asap. Until then ask here.




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