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Has it been a while since you've fired up your Nintendo 64 video game console? Maybe you haven't played GoldenEye N64 in years. If you are playing GoldenEye N64 online via an N64 emulator I bet you would prefer to be the one winning. Forget about making excuses! Read these GoldenEye N64 resources and improve your skills right now! Win at the classic Nintendo 64 shooter video game!


You want to know what weapons appear in the weapon groupings such as Power Weapons. Do you remember if the Cougar Magnum is in there? Also you will find the most popular Gameshark and N64 Emulator weapon groupings like the ultra fun Golden Gun Fun. GoldenEye cheats for the Nintendo 64 classic video game.


You want to know what the weapons look like including the Gameshark and Emulator weapons like the Phantom or Shotgun. Yes, the single player guns that normally don't appear in multiplayer are also covered. You will find an actual ingame screenshot of how they appear on the ground. Learn additional tips and tricks that will help you be even deadlier.


You want to know the exact damage that a GoldenEye N64 weapon will inflict on an opponent. Study these graphs and you will be hard to beat. Trust me. I break down the damages for the hit locations such as head, body, and limb. Remember this information will help you win on a consistent basis. If you play LTK, then perhaps you shouldn't bother learning this. You will be able to systematically take down opponents.




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goldeneye n64

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