Actually it's an AR33

Picked up a ZZT (ZMG) but holding a DMC (D5K)

Double guns, double damage

Feel the power of RC-P45 (RC-P90)

Klobbered to death

The victim

The murderer

Fully customisable

Falcon 2 to PP9i (PP7)
8106B658 0408
8106FF22 E85C
8107B818 036A
8106B9E8 0408
810702B2 EBEC
8107BCE8 036A
8106AA98 4C32
811A6C56 3720

Falcon 2 Scope to CC13 (DD44) Dostovei.
8106B654 40C0
8106FF2A E918
8107B850 036B
8106B9E4 40C0
810702BA ECA8
8107BD20 036B
8106AAB8 4C33
811A6C5C 4444
811A6C5E 3434

Magsec 4 to KLO1313 (Klobb)
8106B98C 3F19
8106B990 4170
8106B994 0000
80087291 0002
80087292 0032
8106FF2E E9D0
8107B820 036C
8106BD1C 3F19
8106BD20 4170
8106BD24 0000
800877E1 0002
800877E2 0032
810702BE ED60
8107BCF0 036C
8106AAC8 4C34
801A6C65 006C
811A6C66 6F62
811A6C68 620A
811A6C6A 0000

Laptop Gun to KF7 Special (KF7 Soviet)
8106D0FC 3F80
8106D100 4120
8106D104 040C
800872EB 0004
8106FF52 EA88
8107B898 036D
8006EAD7 0050
Can only hold one:
8006EAD6 0026
8106D48C 3F80
8106D490 4120
8106D494 040C
8008783B 0004
810702E2 EE18
8107BD68 036D
8006EE67 0050
8106AB58 4C35
801A6C75 006F
811A6C76 7669
811A6C78 6574
801A6C7A 0020
Can only hold one:
8006EE66 0026

CMP150 to ZZT (9mm) (ZMG (9mm))
8106C328 4110
8106FF42 EB40
8107B858 036E
8106C6B8 4110
810702D2 EED0
8107BD28 036E
8106AB18 4C36
801A6C81 004D
801A6C82 0047

Dragon to DMC (D5K) Deutsche
8106C928 3F80
8106C92C 40E0
800872F5 0002
800872F6 0064
8106FF56 EBF8
8107B868 036F
8006EC47 0050
Can only hold one:
8006EC46 0026
8106CCB8 3F80
8106CCBC 40E0
80087845 0002
80087846 0064
810702E6 EF88
8107BD38 036F
8006EFD7 0050
8106AB68 4C37
801A6C8D 0035
801A6C8E 004B
Can only hold one:
8006EFD6 0026

K7 Avenger to AR53 (AR33) Assault Rifle
8106CEB8 3FB3
8006EC84 0005
8106FF5A ECB0
8107B878 0370
8006ECFF 0050
Change AR53 to AR33:
801A52C6 0033
Can only hold one:
8006ECFE 0026
8106D248 3FB3
8006F014 0005
810702EA F040
8107BD48 0370
8006F08F 0050
8106AB78 4C38
801A6C96 0033
Can only hold one:
8006F08E 0026

AR34 to RC-P45 (RC-P90)
8106CCE0 3FE6
8106CCE4 40C0
8106CCE8 0408
8006ED3C 0005
80087309 0002
8106FF5E ED68
8107B860 0371
8006EDB7 0050
Can only hold one:
8006EDB6 0026
8106D070 3FE6
8106D074 40C0
8106D078 0408
8006F0CC 0005
80087859 0002
810702EE F0F8
8107BD30 0371
8006F147 0050
8106AB88 4C39
811A6CA0 3930
Can only hold one:
8006F146 0026
These codes change Perfect Darks weapons into GoldenEye's weapons, and allow you to use them in multiplayer. The codes are a mixture of codes that I have hacked myself, and codes that I got from SquareGuru's PD weapons FAQ on There's a code for each weapon, so you can choose which GE weapons to activate. Not all of them need to be on at the same time. The PAL versions are slightly longer because they change the name of the weapon to it's PAL name (like PP9i to PP7). Some of the guns have an extra code that only lets players pick up one gun (by default you will be able to get double). These codes aren't just limited to multiplayer, they work perfectly in the solo missions too. To give an example, Falcon 2 to PP9i (PP7) gives you a PP9i (PP7) at the start of Investigation.