One soon to be dead Skedar

Skedar + Reaper = Pain

Cassandra De Splits

They run like Skedar, they roar like Skedar and they die like Skedar!

The following codes change the ShockTrooper character into Skedar, and change the human animations seen in multiplayer into Skedar animations. To get this code working set all the sim characters to ShockTrooper, with ShockTrooper helmets. Exit the character select menu and hold down L for a few seconds. Unfortunately, you can't play as a Skedar, so make sure none of the human players are using the ShockTrooper costume. Once you've pressed L, don't enter the character costume menu again. This codes works best in one player, because the human animations get messed up!

NTSC Gameshark:
D009C7E5 0020
80087561 00FF
D009C7E5 0020
80087875 00XX
81070768 0337
8107076A 0338
8107076C 0339
8107076E 033A
81070770 033B
81070772 033C
81070774 033D
81070776 0336
81065BE0 00C0
81067AA0 0392
81067AE8 0394
810709F4 032A
81070A3C 032A
810656C0 00C0
81067A10 0392
81067A58 0394
81070A84 032A
81070ACC 032A
81070CF8 032F
81070D10 0392
81070D28 0394
81070D40 032A
81070D58 032A
81070D70 032A
81070D88 032A
810663D8 00C0
81067B30 0392
81067B78 0394
81070B14 032A
81070B5C 032A

PAL Action Replay:
D0099FB1 0020
80087AB1 00FF
D0099FB1 0020
80087DC5 00XX
81070A48 0337
81070A4A 0338
81070A4C 0339
81070A4E 033A
81070A50 033B
81070A52 033C
81070A54 033D
81070A56 0336
810658C0 00C0
81067780 0392
810677C8 0394
81070CD4 032A
81070D1C 032A
810653A0 00C0
810676F0 0392
81067738 0394
81070D64 032A
81070DAC 032A
81070FD8 032F
81070FF0 0392
81071008 0394
81071020 032A
81071038 032A
81071050 032A
81071068 032A
810660B8 00C0
81067810 0392
81067858 0394
81070DF4 032A
81070E3C 032A
Replace the XX on line four with:
5C for Skedar
93 for Skedar King's
7B for Mini Skedar