GoldenEye Wii Review. Now that’s it’s here, your review please!

GoldenEye Wii has finally arrived! I'm sure you've bought it already. If you have and you want to convince others how great it is, then please post your comments about the game and how much you like or dislike it. I just read the IGN review and they give GoldenEye Wii an Editors Choice award! Doubters out there take notice. This game rocks! We will expand our GoldenEye Wii cheats section as people dig into the game a bit longer. Please, if you have feedback about the GoldenEye Wii game please post below. No registration required to post comments here!

  • Oddjob SMASH

    It certainly isn't like the original, but that's a good thing. Why would we want just the old game? We could just play the N64 one again.
    Is it selling only off of nostalgia? No, but that certainly is the marketing tactic. Which one shouldn't blame them for: it's a fair and legal tactic.
    The game itself is a decent FPS Wii game. The one-player is decent, the local multiplayer is lacking in options but still fun for couch-playing (it's the memories that make the local multiplayer), and the online mode works great.

    Decent oneplayer = 3 points
    So-So local options = 2 points
    Impressive online = 3 points
    Impressive online “for the Wii” tagline = -1 points
    Replayability in multiplayer = +10 Brownie Points
    10 Brownie points = +1

    It's a new game that isn't anything like the original, but tries to clumsily hold onto the same essence. While the game mechanics and controls fail to accomplish that, the local multiplayer fun more than fills in that nostalgic void. Friends and family will be playing it like how they played in the old days: Smack-talking and freaking out at every corner. Albeit it will take them a while to get used to the controls, but once crossed, that bridge is burned.

    I am slightly disappointed with how finnicky the controls are for the Wiimote+Nunchuk however (though there are all the other control options), but it just makes me glad I have something to look forward to in Conduit 2 (the customizable controls)… as I thought this game would trounce it before it would even release (which is actually bad for Wii games… as their rather limited good-to-great library per Quarter need to compliment one another, rather than fight against each other).

  • Astyanax42

    Dunno what the issue is for you with the controls, I haven't found them to be finnicky at all.

  • Swimmer

    I just got this game, and its actually pretty good. I mean, the graphics arent as good as maybe COD, but its wii, cmon. The campaign is really good, very much different than the old one (good thing). The multiplayer online is great. Overall, they did a good job with the game. I fully recommend the game to anyone.