GoldenEye Wii Tips – Preferred Controller

OR Ok we’ve been playing the game for a little while now. I’m sure you’re like everyone else trying to dominate online GoldenEye wii. Heck even single player GoldenEye 007 Wii is a struggle to decide what controller to use. Classic controller or wiimote and nunchuck? There has been some debate as to which is […]

GoldenEye Wii Review. Now that’s it’s here, your review please!

GoldenEye Wii has finally arrived! I’m sure you’ve bought it already. If you have and you want to convince others how great it is, then please post your comments about the game and how much you like or dislike it. I just read the IGN review and they give GoldenEye Wii an Editors Choice award! […]

GoldenEye Wii Trailer – E3 Wii GoldenEye Announcement

Here is the GoldenEye Wii video that shocked the world. Amazing that Activision and Nintendo could keep this game a big surprise. So those original rumours about GoldenEye on Wii were true, but just that it was a remake of GoldenEye 007 the movie. That’s how I see this game based on this trailer from […]

Goldeneye Wii Blog

Just officially launched, I will bring you into the world of GoldenEye Wii. Our thought was from the beginning that GoldenEye should be forever. This Wii GoldenEye release is no different. It continues on the GoldenEye name. Now, only if the game will be amazing! As we lead up to the release we will have […]