GoldenEye Wii Tips – Preferred Controller


Ok we've been playing the game for a little while now. I'm sure you're like everyone else trying to dominate online GoldenEye wii. Heck even single player GoldenEye 007 Wii is a struggle to decide what controller to use. Classic controller or wiimote and nunchuck? There has been some debate as to which is the preferred controller. Win more online? I'm sure you want to. I'm sure you'd like to hear from other GoldenEye Wii players who are convinced that their preferred controller is the best way to play and will help you win more.

What I've read is that the wiimote and nunchuck is actually the best controller to use. Ah, but it will take some tweaking. Nobody has found the wiimote to be easy to master GoldenEye Wii with, but players are saying it's the best. You will have to customize the wiimote controls and have some patience to master it.

Here is a quote from a player using the wiimote:  "Wiimote all the way. Been playing online and destroying people with it."

So, what's the best controller to use in your opinion? Post your comments please. No registration required to post comments!

  • GermanGoldeneyeGuy

    I tried out Wiimote Nunchuk and I guess I will stick to it. It feels good although I had to lower the horizontal sensitivity to make it even more comfortable.

  • Scorcher505

    All Classic controller pro all the way. No matter how good you get with the wiimote you will not be as fast as someone with the controller for turning, melee, and grenades, nor as accurate since a twitch in your arm or a cat jumping on your lap makes you go spaz


    Its way faster and more accurate to use the wiimote. Plus you can look out from behind cover, which i have used in a few sticky situations. The only real problem is that it is impossible to turn as fast as the classic controller pro. If you take someone head on, the wiimote will win. If someone sneaks behind you, then you'll need the classic controller pro.

  • Bob222

    i am clasicpro all the way

    its almost the same as PS2 or XBOX where i play my shooters

  • Nomis_says

    I find being attacked from the side makes no difference since your usually dead within half a second

  • Nomis_says

    The Classic Pro has been treating me well, but I'm sure the nunchuck and wiimote do quite nicely.

    What really makes the difference for me is strategy. Nothing more…


    Classic Pro is better for me. Does not matter head on against a wiimote when you have a shotgun that sprays lol. I tried the wiimote and dont like it too much, and the zapper is worse.

  • Oxobutt

    the golden one has special built in advances i think, allows one to wail on the opponents with ease, just like the movie.

  • red

    it completely depends on your prefrence like me i cant keep my hands still enoguh to use the wii mote and have had more experice with other consoles while my friends can handle the wiimote like i hand the classic pro

  • Dothedew1586

    classic controller is best for me as I am more familiar with other consoles and the two analogs on the classic controller just feels right

  • Guest

    The wii remote 4 me is the best

  • Kamilzwierz

    I personally like Wii-mote and nunchuck. It has faster aiming speed and turning speed,(depending on control customization), and I feel it is more accurate. You can also use the “leaning” by tilting the nunchuk, which I found helpful in campaign and occasionally online as well. If you have trouble aiming you can turn on auto-aim (which I turned off during tutorial). Plus, isn't the reason to play a game on the Wii to play with motion controlles. If you want to use a controller other than the Wii-mote get a PS3 or X-box, they have better graphics. However, I have only used classic controller pro once or twice, and found it an annoyance to aim after playing with Wii-mote. And I am also one of those people who destroys other players with my Wii-mote.

  • Eryesrd

    game cube mote

  • Rmolinapaisa

    The Wii-mote and Nunchuck combination is by far the best way to play.

  • Plater1381

    Awesome. Brings back memories of my youth, except I am playing with my sons (who are destroying me like my little brother used to). I use the wii mote and have found that placing a pillow on my lap then resting the wii mote on that aids my aiming, kind like shooting off a sandbag at the range.

  • Azaman99

    I use WiiMote but I bought a WiiGun for about $10 and after I bought that it was alot easier to use.
    But I only got it 1 week ago (for christmas) so I kinda suck at online at the moment 🙂

  • Abc

    I wish they had implemented a system like Mario Kart where you could tell which controller people were using.

  • Smellaflynn

    wii remote and numchuk. I dont have any other controller but have been wondering if theres any poit in getting a wii zapper?

  • MAS

    I highly dig the wii zapper. Only difficulties are with reaching the melee and grenade buttons, but I find the speed and accuracy make up for that. I tend especially to dominate with the segs 550.

  • Richardbraysbury

    I use the Wii mote and nunchuck but im very new to the game and get utterly spanked in online multiplayer. I Idont seem to be able to change the firing button to the A button instead of B button which would help me as i am awkward handed.

  • Loyalty_r

    wiimote and nunchuck, played on both and it sems wiimote is easier to get used to then the classic controller (which is similiar to xbox 360 controller

  • Sadmankazi

    Wii remote and nunchuck all the way!!!!!!!!!!! i used to suck with it during rank 1-3 but then I mastered it. the trick is to get your aim to the opponent, then you hipfire.

  • Bob

    Has anybody checked out ? They have a friendcode list for GoldenEye Wii.

  • Melissa

    I have a LOT of trouble with the nunchuk and Wii-mote. Aiming is choppy and uneven, and turning around to hit someone behind me is nearly impossible. I’m going to pick up the gold controller I think. I used to destroy everyone in N64 Goldeneye and now I’m lucky if I get three kills.

  • I prefer using the wiimote and nunchuck controls. mostly because of 2 reasons. 1. i played the Metroid Prime Trilogy so it got used to the controls in that game. 2. because it feels awkward to use 2 different control sticks one for moving and the other for aiming my fingers can’t operate like that.

  • Gareth

    I am using the wiimote and nunchuck and love it! This game is so much fun! You will have to go in and tweak the controls in options and then go back again and tweak again to get it right! Do they ever add more to online multiplayer anyone? I would love it if they added more environments. What are peoples favs? I love outpost and docks! I hated nightclub at first but starting to like it. People choose it ALL the time if it is offered!

  • Legit

    game cube….. if ya like the fps on xbox this controller is most like the controls of cod… the joysticks are positioned verticaly and the left and right triggers are actually like triggers…

  • Dink

    God forbid people have an edge over you.

  • Joe Stueber

    I prefer the classic controller. I’m }[aTmaN online and I constantly mob people. I rarely lose.  I think you can be a pro with either controller method, the classic cotroller just works best for me. Bring it on bitches!!

  • Jbfitz41

    I made it to Lvl 56 using the classic controller pro(color does not matter), and the one thing I know for sure… a highly skilled wiimote & nunchuck 56, will beat a highly skilled classic controller pro 56, nine out of ten times! The movement  the nunchuck provides, can not be matched with the classic. If you have any doubts, simply view the youtube videos on all the greats in this game and you’ll see that the difference is really unfair. I’m starting a new file using wiimote/nunchuck and hope to have the patients to learn how to use ’em this time… it’s very hard for me.
    See you in the trenches and help stop HOST QUITS… it’s killing the game!

  • Bill

    That’s because ur a girl.

  • Salim_rossier2002

    Walther P99 easy to use, lightweight, easy access to melee attack button on wynn setting

  • WEEE

    the wiimote goes crazy an does up down left right and all over the screen

  • WEEE

    What is auto aim