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Name:    Wreck
Country: Canada
City:       St. Kitts, Ontario
Age:       21

Hacking Accomplishments:
- Respawn points and weapon codes for the new multi's.
- Blood mode code.
- Single enemy head mods, costume mods, action mods,   placement mods
- All unlock locked doors codes
- Have double of every weapon
- Bunker 1, Runway, Surface 1, Surface 2 and Jungle multi.
- First to ? points mods

My Personal Statement about Wreck: As far as I'm concerned, Wreck is the world leader in GoldenEye hacking. Things that I believed impossible, have been proven possible. Facility back zone? Fully playable with starting regenerations in the back zone? I never thought I'd see the day. Archives back zone? Yes, that too. Because of Wreck I wouldn't count anything out.

Name:    RSB
Country: United States
City:       Boston
Age:       Old

Hacking Accomplishments:

- First to change weapon groups.
- First to move regeneration spots.
- Made regeneration in Streets, Silo and Aztec possible.
- Made additional single player levels available in   multiplayer.
- Made the codes for NO BODY armour in Stack, Basement
- Facility, Archives and Caverns in 2 player.
My Personal Statement about RSB: This guy is a true hall of famer. He's been out of the hacking scene for quite some time now, but his assistance to me was very kind. Many emails and hacking guides. Ask anyone about the GoldenEye hacking greats and RSB will top everyone's list. I hope he looks soon at where the GoldenEye hacking scene is in 2005.

Name:    Krijy
Country: Norway
City:       Fagerstrand
Age:      Close to 20

Hacking Accomplishments:

- Found Citadel.
- Hacked level modifiers in GoldenEye (all solo levels in   multi).
- Hacked level modifiers in Perfect Dark (all solo levels in   multi).
- Found the BETA soundtrack in Perfect Dark.
- "Press L For Double Weapons" code in Perfect Dark.
- Found BETA text and images from Perfect Dark.
My Personal Statement about Krijy: A most deserving addition to this page I'd say! I've only learned about Krijy in 2004 and he's blown the doors off GoldenEye. Quite possible the greatest find in GoldenEye, Krijy found the mysterious Citadel level. But in my opinion, the greatest achievement that he's pulled off is the "all solo levels in multi". Unlike before when an emptier code was required (meaning no objects could appear), Krijy has found a way to use the solo levels in multiplayer without the emptier code. This development is something once thought impossible to many. Hackers are now using this new information to create multiplayer levels out of the solo levels. The limits to GoldenEye hacking have been removed by this discovery.


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