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GoldenEye multiplayer sessions of many hours spawned a new lingo for us. All these terms you see were born during our bloodshot eye GoldeEye daze. Yes, they are all used. Please help them live forever and use them on some of your friends. These cross game titles. It's trash. It's good for many situations and many other games. You choose which ones!



- weapons that are scattered on the floor where players were killed.
Banana Peel
- this death animation is when an opponent looks like they are trying to stop on a patch of oil. Or in this case, a banana peel. [FOOTAGE A]
Bitch Slap
- When you Slapper an opponent.
Buzzer Beater
- when a game is won during the sound of the buzzer.
Canister Kill
- self-explanatory. A truly difficult task and can be registered by using bullets or lasers in any scenario aside from LICENSE TO KILL.
- describes a game with lots of death or bodies lying on the ground. Most commonly used in the smaller levels in three or four player games.
Center Of Mass
- a description for when you shoot an opponent dead center or in the chest. [FOOTAGE A]
- anytime you are watching an opponents screen and observe a great kill, sequence or visual. You are described as watching "cinema".
Clearance Clarence
- the classic line from the movie "Airplane" sums up this moment. This is when all your opponents are wiped off the RADAR at the same time during a 3 or 4 player game.
Collateral Damage
- the player making a kill in this situation is considered lucky. You are in the wrong place at the wrong time because you weren't the intended target.
- refers to a player who doesn't like to waste ammo at any time. Short bursts of fire are this players' preference regardless of the size of the clip. This one is always good for a laugh!
- this term describes a player who engages in a battle with an inferior weapon without BODY ARMOUR. Typically these players are losing badly and have thrown in the towel. After making the kill in this situation, it is always a good idea to thank your opponent for being so "generous".
Double D's
- a SCORE of 10 or more. Usually the losing player in this situation has received a "drubbing".
- use this word to describe any zero from a game.
Drive By
- a point blank kill without breaking stride. When this occurs, a player will collect either more ammo or a weapon after making the kill instead of a KILL COUNT being registered. Most commonly occurs with when using an AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN. [FOOTAGE A]
- describes a complete ass kicking.
Easy Styles
- used to describe a kill. This is general trash talk and generally is used after a particular devastating kill.
- a kill where an opponent is blanketed with flames. Often this is great "cinema styles" for the player doing the engulfing. [FOOTAGE A]
Even Stephen
- refers to an even kill distribution after a three of four-player game.
Fancy Pants
- self-explanatory.
Fanning The Flames
- this is when a player creates explosions over a starting point in hopes of having an opponent regenerate into the flames. In this situation, one player will create a series of explosions while an opponent is dying elsewhere in the level. Try using the scope of a rifle for a unique perspective!
- killed.
- describes a player who is dying a lot. Another word for easy styles. It's okay to call yourself fodder if the shoe fits. (contributed by Dana)
Force Fed
- when a player causes another players' explosive to blow up in their face as they try to launch a counter attack. Players who find themselves cornered or surrounded by a wall of explosions will often panic when pressured and press the Z Button. To be "force fed", the resulting death should register as a kill and not a suicide. [FOOTAGE A]
Full Pull
- win a game by using all available weapons including a SLAPPER. To achieve this, a game may be played in any scenario aside from LICENSE TO KILL with a length of 5 MINUTES or 10 MINUTES. This is an impressive achievement and very difficult to accomplish, especially in a two player game.
- you can use this term to describe yourself if the moment fits. This is used for battles where nobody can hit each other or when you are dying a lot.
- this term is used for describing RADAR by those who don't like using it. (contributed by Dana)
Generous Styles
- This term is used after making an easy kill. Not playing smart could be considered "generous styles".
Ghost Man
- self explanatory term. This character is so hard to see on some levels, you'd swear you are playing against a ghost. See the ghost in the screenshot below?

Jesus Christ Pose
- a dead player who is laid out, spread eagle style, on the ground. [FOOTAGE A]

Klobb Kill

- self explanatory term. For this to apply, a game may be played in any scenario aside from LICENSE TO KILL. This is every players worst nightmare.


- head.


- head.
Most Defensive
Murder Murder
- This describes a sequence where both players kill each other in an exchange. Most often this is the tail end of the "Your Dead Too Asshole" situation. You will most commonly see this occur with explosives.
Murder Suicide
- Ah yes this is the new classic line! I think you can figure out what this one is all about. (contributed by Dave)
- no contest.
Old School
- this describes a somewhat unconventional wristwatch style with REMOTE MINES where a player places a mine, only to detonate it at a later time for the surprise kill. Can be used to describe any unconventional use of a weapon.
On The Hill
- this is when you are one point from a win when playing a FIRST TO 5 POINTS, FIRST TO 10 POINTS, or FIRST TO 20 POINTS game. This term is used in billiards.
- this term is used to describe a player who has a habit of showing up to battles late in a three or four player game. An "opportunist" prefers to wait while other player's battle so they can show up late to collect the scraps.
Oven Burner
- This occurs when you "cook" an opponent with an explosive in a small room or chamber.
Park Place
- This is the name given for the starting position in the COMPLEX by the two ramps over the special weapons area. This name is taken from the property in the game of Monopoly. Often thought of as a valuable piece of property, "park place" is always a worthwhile investment when playing PROXIMITY MINES.

Pea Shooter

Perfect Game
- win a three or four player game with no LOSSES or SUICIDES.
- refers to a player who particularly enjoys a specific area of a level which generally contains the preferred weapon or the BODY ARMOUR. Often this term will be used for a player who remains stationary while waiting for other players. Used as another word for "camping".
- this describes the debatable "error" in GoldenEye multiplayer when you get stuck on a wall or are blocked by an object. If you complain about getting stuck on a "poly", chances are you were killed. You can also use the terms Polygons, or Polys as you see fit. (contributed by Dana)
- This is when a player presses the Start button after making a kill during a game. This is used to eliminate a player from following the regeneration sequences during a game. A player is always permitted to delay a Punch-In in situations where they may be killed. This would include being in the middle of explosions or near a PROXIMITY MINE or GRENADE with a delayed fuse.
Quad Hill
- This is the rare occasion in a 4-player game when all players are 1 point away from the win. Next kill wins. It just doesn't get any better!
Race To 5
Race To 10
Race To 20
Regen Kill
- Describes a kill that occurs just after a player regenerates. The player most often is poaching near a regeneration point hoping for the quick and easy kill.
Scooter Styles
- a term used to describe a player who is crouching or kneeling.
- anytime a player uses the scope to make a kill or damage an opponent. If this happens to you, it usually means that you aren't paying enough attention to your opponents' screen!
Stall Styles
- This is one of those frustrating situations in a "First To X Points" game where you finish one point short of the win.
- when you kill an opponent with a non-explosive from the front, you must hit them a second time in the chest before running around the falling player and hit them in the back before they hit the ground. This is very difficult to do and is best attempted with single firing weapons. This is only possible with the "standees" death animation. This trick was established from playing THROWING KNIVES in the BASEMENT. [FOOTAGE A]
- a general term that should be used as often as possible, in combination with any other word.
Table Turner
- this is when you really should be dead, but end up killing an opponent. Also is used to describe a situation when an opponent hits your weapon, and you end up killing them in the same sequence.
- describes a player who has taken damage. Tenderizing is often used when a player is attempting a "full pull" and needs to weaken an opponent to get the SLAPPER kill. Rumour has it that the KLOBB is one of the ost effective tenderizing weapons in GoldenEye!
The Bombs Bursting In Air
- a completely separate explosion that occurs high above a main cluster of explosions in large open areas.
The Butcher
- (SCIENTIST-DOAK) This name was created after many 3 and 4 player games of THROWING KNIVES in the BASEMENT. After being hit so many times in the chest, the SCIENTIST resembles the butcher from your local meat shop!

The House
- this term refers to the top room containing the special weapon in the COMPLEX.

The Pencil
- KF-7.
Threading The Needle
- this term is used with ROCKETS when a player is able to send a rocket through a narrow passage or over a long distance.
- throat.
Turn Styles
- This is when a player registers two kills in quick succession. While the first kill count is being registered on-screen, the quick second kill causes the numbers to roll over. The rolling effect of the numbers is a similar to that of a slot machine. [FOOTAGE A]
Weapon HiT

- self explanatory term. When this occurs be sure to notify all other players of this occurance! Nothing can be worse than a weapon hit combined with a table turner. Ouch.

Your Own Worst Enema
- another word for suicide. Generally this term is used when a suicide is the result of being pressured by an opponent.
You're Dead Too Asshole
- anytime you are you killed in a battle but manage to get a lucky shot off before dying and kill your opponent. Most times this will occur while using explosive weapons such as GRENADE LAUNCHERS or ROCKETS. Make sure to use this term before your opponent actually dies and get ready to duck!



- when one player gets hit by two or more rockets/grenades from two or more players. "You just got nuked."
contributed by: bleedblueandwhite42

Kock End Situation

- when you are playing a 3 player game and there are two players on either side of you and you havent got any where to go. You are then in a kock end situation.
contributed by: Martin Grant

Shot in the dark

- scope in a fleeing opponent, fire, miss. Just before he leaves your screen, you jerk the stick to where he's leaving, fire, and miraculously kill him.
contributed by: Thomas Andrews

Bitch got capped

- A clean or otherwise difficult one shot kill to the head of an opponent.
contributed by: Fabian

Last Stand

- When the last place player attempts and does kill the first place person when there is only a small ammount of time left. contributed by: Zerojett

Hell Fire

-When a player has laid remote mines and detonates them at the last second, and a player is caught in the explosion. contributed by: Zerojett

Cheap Shot

-When a player attacks a player without a weapon. contributed by: Zerojett


-When a player triggers a button code during a match for invincible or infinite ammo. contributed by: Zerojett


-When a player runs around, crouching, and slapping people. contributed by: Zerojett

Manual Lock

-On the Caverns level when one of the players go to one of the sets of 2 doors, and when the others try to open it when the person inside closes it as soon as it trys to open. contributed by: esrgordon



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