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Back in June I was contacted by Jon Long, the Community Manager about this website. After some emails back and forth Jon mentioned a Community Day that was being planned for GoldenEye Rogue Agent for some time in July. Of course I was interested in a big way. I relayed my excitement about the event and left it at that. So how was I feeling when I got this message?

"Our team at Electronic Arts spends a great deal of time checking out the best websites that cover James Bond and First Person Shooters. We were greatly impressed by your coverage and the following you have amassed. Given that you run one of the top community websites, we want to personally invite you to our Community Day for GoldenEye Rogue Agent."
-Jonathan Long, EA Community Manager

Yahoo!!! Yes you could peel me off the ceiling I was so excited. Recognition is one of those things that makes hard work and effort pay off. You just never know who might be looking at your site once it's up on the world wide web. Oh the rest of that email...

"The GoldenEye Rogue Agent Community Day will bring together the best James Bond and FPS community sites from around the world for exclusive access to the EA LA studio and the first external glimpse of the GoldenEye Rogue Agent game. We’ll take care of the airfare, transportation, hotel and food during your stay.

Our Community Day is going to be a unique opportunity for you to get an extremely close look at the game. We will fly you into Los Angeles on Thursday, July 22nd, and you will spend Thursday evening and Friday day with our team. During the event, you will play the game, talk to the game's producers and developers, and get a tour of the LA studio. You’ll learn about never-before-seen character abilities and locales that will fully immerse you in the Bond universe. We’ll be pulling out all the bells and whistles for you, and it is by invite only. We will arrange for your return trip later that Friday evening."
-Jonathan Long, EA Community Manager

Part of my preperation was creating a business card. Heck since I will be meeting some big names in the industry I should be able to leave them with something. Here's what I came up with.Okay there is that health display once again. You notice the theme? Yes I'm a believer in it to a fault.


The excitement was building over the days before leaving. Nerves, excitement, you name it. This was a big deal to me! I prepared my Gameshark with codes so I could show off some of the amazing work of the hackers like Wreck. Yep, Facility Backzone is something I want to show these guys.






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