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Interview with Wouter Jansen
The World's Fastest GoldenEye Player

Who is Wouter Jansen you ask? I've put together a series of questions in an interview with Wouter to give you a better idea of the man behind the times. There are many interesting things that he shares about his times and techniques. Enjoy!


For all those GoldenEye fans out there who don't know you, how would you best describe Wouter Jansen?

As the fastest solo mission player in the world. I have alot of patience and skill, and all the other things you need for getting the best single player times in the world.

What part of the world are you from?

Europe (The Netherlands)

What year were you born?

1984 (April 27)

Outside of the Internet have you been recognized for your GoldenEye achievements? If so, who and where was it?

Yes, my family and classmates know about it. Don't think they care much about it though.

Over about how many years have you been playing GoldenEye?

I guess about 3-4 years.

Do you have any idea on average, how many hours a week you have spent playing GoldenEye?

That's very varying. I guess around 25 hours a week?

Since you are a single player kind of guy, could you be defeated in multiplayer by a Klobb wielding opponent?

Probably not. Maybe on LTK.

You've obviously pushed the envelope in term of making the fastest possible times. Are there levels that you see room for improvement? Are there still better times being made today?

More than enough. The only times I think can't be improved that I have are: Runway SA 0:23, Depot Agent 0:26, Cradle Agent 0:35, Egyptian all difficulties 0:47. Although all the others won't be easy to improve at all.

Who would you consider to be your top rivals when it comes to the title of the fastest GoldenEye player on the planet?

Bryan Bosshardt right now, Randy Buikema would have a chance did he play longer, same for Randy Buikema. Do you want a chance to fight for the top spot with me, you need a lot of commitment though, so 1 year of play won't be enough. You need alot of consistency and be an all-around good player on all the levels.

Aside from GoldenEye what games have you been playing recently?

Not recently, but I have "competed" for Perfect Dark, TWINE, Mario Kart 64, Diddy Kong Racing. I got a lot of WRs on TWINE, because it's hardly played. I've got a few WRs on PD (Defection A 6, WAR SA 48, Duel A 3, Duel SA 6). I suck at the other 2, I didn't submit my times either for those 2. When I'm taking a break for GoldenEye, I will try to become much better at Perfect Dark (will be pretty tough with PAL), and might consider to do a little bit more TWINE.

When you first sit down to play, is there a period where you must warm-up first before really making a fast run? Have you been able to make some of your best times the first couple of tries when starting cold? In your mind, does it make any difference whether or not you're been playing for a while, versus just sitting down cold and blasting off a top time?

Well, I hardly ever get my best times very fast, they take at least half an hour or much more. Today was different though. I had played Facility 00 Agent yesterday trying for 58 (had 9 59s already), and worked out a bit different way which made me do it easier. So when I started playing today, I got my 10th 59 in 3 minutes only, and after 20 minutes I got my 58:) I like it better when I get my times fast, but I like the times I get better when they need more time to get (ie. are harder to perform, thus less likely to be tied).

Which of your fastest times did you enjoy least? Why?

Probably Bunker 1 Agent 0:18. And I still do. It's tied by too many players, it's too easy to perform, and 0:17 has to be possible. It only takes 100 hours to get probably.

Are there still many levels where you see better times being possible? In other words do you see yourself having to continually improve times to maintain your title?

Yes. Only few times (of my own) I consider maxed, so there's still lots to do for me. I will never play these levels anymore for a better time, unless a new timesaver which applies on these levels is found: Runway SA 0:23, Depot Agent 0:26, Cradle Agent 0:35, Egyptian SA and 00 0:47. Basically, with 2 good players being active, you have to keep playing and improve to maintain your first rank.

What is the longest break that you've taken from playing GoldenEye?

About half a year. 8 November 1999 - 21 June 2000 (Not gonna tell why). Other big one is: 10 February 2002 - Last day of June (Played PD).

Some might consider control style to be everything when it comes to really fast GoldenEye times. How critical is control style, and what style do you use?

Control styles do help, but it's not like they save whole seconds. It usually can save about a few tenths depending on the missions. I use all styles, it depends on the mission. I keep using 1 style per mission though (can change for difficulties). On my times-page, you can see what style I used to get my personal best on the levels. Cruise Control is 1.1 with down as the standard on the control stick (The n64 will think down is the middle). This way, you keep going forward when you turn, otherwise you're not holding forward all the way. 1.2 doesn't have slow turning problems, and is faster with looking up, down or to any side. 1.2 makes times easier to get (for expert players), although it almost always is possible to get with 1.1 as well, but it can be ALOT tougher to get with 1.1. The difference can be insane.

Have you switched between different control styles over the years trying to find which one is the fastest?

I know which is faster, like answered above. I'm not used to 1.2 yet, I might improve a lot easier when I finally do, but so far my only personal record gotten with 1.2 is Runway SA 0:23.

For those players out there unfamiliar with "cruise control", could you explain exactly what it is and how you do it?

Cruise Control is 1.1 with down as the standard on the control stick (The n64 will think down is the middle). This way, you keep going forward when you turn, otherwise you're not holding forward all the way. To let the n64 think down is middle, just hold down on your control stick (while the n64 is on) and press R+L+Start.

Where did you first hear about cruise control?

I found it out own my own.

To your knowledge, are you the first player who started to use this technique?

I think so. Especially when I am probably the only one who used it for all the missions, although that changed later.

So is it safe to say that you are the founder of this technique?

No. Others could have found out on their own, because it only requires good thinking to find out. (and the knowledge from the manuals that it's possible to have other places of the stick be the center).

Are there any top GoldenEye times out there that you know of that haven't been made using cruise control?

A lot. I could probably get all of my personal records without it. It's just that back in the days, my control stick was really worn out, and didn't walk normal speed. Cruise Control made it go normal speed again. There was no other option for me at the time, that's the reason for why I used it on all missions. Now I'm glad to have a pretty new controller with a good working control stick.

Out of all the levels, how many do you not use cruise control?

Right now, I would say that for about 18 levels it is better to use 1.1 over Cruise Control. 1.2 is good/better for all levels I think, but I wouldn't know really. I would need to get good at 1.2 first. 1.2 is the best style to use on Runway for sure though.

Are there any levels where you must switch back and forth from cruise control during a run?

No, I never switch styles during runs so far.

Aside from cruise control, what sort of new strategies have you seen developed for better times over the years? Can you describe them?

Strategies, besides new strats for certain levels (aka strats applying to pretty much all levels):

1) Use the dot. A very small piece of paper exactly in the middle of your tv screen. It helps your aim. Makes times easier, but it doesn't save time really, if you can aim very well yourself.

2) Use lookdown. Decreases lag and therefor saves time. Just look down while running, there's nothing as simple as this, especially on long straight runs.

3) Aztec: The glass door trick. Attract some guards from the exhaust bay room and before, get back to the mainframe and wait for them, while you close the mainframe and keep it from shutting by standing on it. When they come, go hide standing in about the middle against the glass door, while the mainframe closes. Stand with your back against the glass door. Wait about 4 seconds (guards are coming). Then hide around the corner, where the computer is to open the mainframe. You'll hear the mainframe getting opened by the guard(s). If you're lucky (t)he(y)'ll open the glass door for you. Doesn't happen always, so don't give up soon. Watch my fastest aztec vids to get a good clue on how to do it.

4) BTW, cruise control is not a strategy really. It is no faster than 1.2 and can't backup (needed for eg. dam sa + frigate agent). It is good for 1.1 players where the control stick is worn out, and 1.2 is pretty tough to learn. (cruise isn't too easy to fully learn either).

5) There have been quite alot of little timesavers for levels on their own, even on only 1 difficulty, but I'm not going to name them all. I'm the proud developer of the Frigate 00 Agent strat though, since a very long time:)

Could you elaborate on your Frigate 00 Agent strategy?

Well, back in the day (2000?), the World Record was only 1:27 and was considered close to maxed. I don't remember the strat they used exactly, but I posted mine, which helped them improve easily, it's the strat I use in my Frigate 00 Agent videos.

How important is it to receive damage during your runs? How much time per hit does it save?

It differs per mission. It's needed for quite some of the WRs. They save approximately .25 seconds, but there's no exact number.

Do you remember the first time you played GoldenEye? Did you instantly fall in love with the game?

I remember the time we had the invincible cheat for the first time. I started to like the game when I got good at getting fast times.

Although it's been years, did you have to use any cheats or hints to complete the game?

Hell no.

What was the level that you hated the most when you first finished the game?

Aztec probably. Now I dislike Statue, Control and Bunker 2 the most.

Have you ever thrown your controller in disgust while playing GoldenEye?

Hell no. That would only show impatience to me. If something goes wrong, it is most likely your own fault, even if it was something luck-based in the game. If you're trying for something, you need to know the game and know what all can happen. If you don't like it (hence the controller-throwing), you shouldn't be trying at all.

Has your family expressed concerns about your obsession with getting the fastest GoldenEye times?

No, they kind of understood it once I explained it a bit.

Is there a game out there that you think is worthy of your time? In other words, what game do you think is worth spending as much time on? Does one exist in your opinion?

GoldenEye does, nothing else so far. It has to be a game where you can accomplish great feats, which takes the time you're spending on it. And of course some fun for when you want to play around.

Are you fussy about worn out Nintendo 64 controllers? How many do you think you've replaced over the years?

Only 1. And I'm sure about that, I can count. And it wasn't my fault it was worn out, I bought it secondhand. If I bought a new controller from the start, I might be still using that one.

Do you have any regrets about being considered the fastest GoldenEye player on the planet?

Not at all. I just want to be faster still.

Do you feel you have gotten enough credit over the years for your accomplishments?

I got a lot of credit; I thank everyone who has had faith in me and who believes me, and congratulated me on my accomplishments.

Do people at school know that Wouter Jansen is the worlds fastest GoldenEye player?

Yes, they do.





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