GoldenEye multiplayer weapons damages including Gamehark codes weapons.

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How To Use This Data:

  • Weapons are listed according to a damage "class" rating.
  • A player has 8 bar of health, which is extended to 16 bar with body ARMOR. This information is listed in the right side of each chart.
  • The red coloured areas of the chart represent the damage inficted for each body location which are listed at the top of the chart (head, body, limb).
  • At the top of each chart, you can find the actual damage listed for each body location. The chart is a graphical representation of the same data.
  • Use this information during a game when deciding what location to hit on your opponent, based on their remaining health. Find the weapon that will kill an opponent with one shot even when hitting a LIMB.
  • Cycle through your weapons to find the fastest firing weapon or a weapon with a large ammo capacity that will kill your opponent with one shot.
  • To use this information effectively, you must realize the minimum damage or "worst case scenario" if you hit an opponent in the LIMB. For example, a KLOBB would be a bad choice if an opponent has more than 0.5 health because hitting a LIMB means you won't kill them. However, the KLOBB becomes an excellent choice if your opponent has 0.5 or "no bar" because regardless of where you hit them, (aside from a weapon hit) they will be killed. In this example while playing SNIPER RIFLES, the Klobb is a much better choice for a weapon because of it's ammo and rate of fire.


















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goldeneye n64

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