GoldenEye multiplayer weapons including gameshark codes weapons.

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  • Weapons are listed according to "cycle" order.
  • Weapons with * are found in the special weapon location.


Automatics: D5K Deutsche*/Klobb/DD44 Dostovei/Silenced PP7

Golden Gun: Golden Gun*/KF-7/Klobb/DD44 Dostovei

Grenades: Grenade*/KF-7/Klobb/Dostovei

Grenade Launchers: Grenade Launcher*/KF-7/Klobb/DD44 Dostovei

Lasers: Laser*/KF-7/Klobb/DD44 Dostovei

Pistols: Cougar Magnum*/DD44 Dostovei/Silenced pp7

Power Weapons: Cougar Magnum/Automatic Shotgun*/RC-P90/DD44 Dostovei

Proximity Mines: Proximity Mine*/AR-33 Assault Rifle/ZMG(9mm)/PP7

Remote Mines: Remote Mine*/AR-33 Assault Rifle/ZMG(9mm)/PP7

Rockets: Rocket Launcher*/KF-7/Klobb/DD44 Dostovei

Sniper Rifles: Cougar Magnum/Sniper Rifle*/Klobb/DD44 Dostovei

Throwing Knives: Throwing Knife*

Timed Mines: Timed Mine*/AR-33 Assault Rifle/ZMG(9mm)/PP7



AR-33+Proxies: Proximity Mines*/AR-33 Assault Rifle

Exotics: Timed Mine*/Silver PP7/Shotgun/Hunting Knife

Explosives: Remote Mine*/Silver PP7/Golden Gun/RC-P90

Golden Gun Fun: Rocket Launcher*/Golden Gun
















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goldeneye n64

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